A little about me:

Kawasaki 750 Turbo TailWelcome to my motorcycle page(s).   My name is Bob Held and I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania.   When I gave up dirt bike riding (Trials mostly) and moved onto the street (mumble, mumble years ago), my first road bike was a 1982 Yamaha Turbo Seca (purchased new as a leftover in 1984) . . . and I survived!
After the Yamaha I had a 900 Ninja (which was actually the bike I started taking longer trips on), a Concours and much later added a couple (non-running) CBX's.   The 900 Ninja was replaced by the Concours when my wife and I traded rides for a stint with my best riding bud, Craig.   It didn't take my wife more than a mile or so to exclaim that our next bike would be a Concours and we'd be getting it soon!   I can still hear Craigs wife ranting about the piss poor seat on the Ninja   :-)
While trying to decide what to do with the CBX's, I bought a pretty nice Honda 650 Turbo from turbo guru Dan Topping.   I rode the Honda for a little more than a year and sold the Concours, CBX's and Honda Turbo to help finance a 2004 Yamaha FJR1300 ABS and got hooked on long distance riding (see the Iron Butt Association link).   I've spent quite a bit of time and money getting the FJR just the way I want it.   It's almost there now.
Recently the turbo bug hit me again and I found myself scouring Ebay, Craigslist and any other place I could find looking for a decent Kawasaki Turbo in my price range.   My patience paid off and I bought my '84 at a very reasonable price and pretty close to home in October of 2007.   The bike is a nice rider, not perfect but not junk either and 99.9% stock.   For now I just want to make sure it is safe (brakes, brake lines, tires, etc) and ride it.   If I like it as much as I think I will, then maybe I'll look into suspension upgrades and the like, but for now it's just ride the wheels off the thing.   Hope to see you on the road.

General News:

This year it is going to be challenging to fit in a lot of miles.   We start off by taking a cruise in the Carribean during Bike Week, so no IBA Pizza Party again this year.   Then we take a two week ride to Hyderseek (this is a good thing).   The first ever NAFO will come and go and I'll be at a wedding, d*mn it.   Ditto the IBA National Meet, another wedding.   At least I'm not the one paying for these weddings.   I will be able to mkae the HSTA Mail Pouch Fly By in August for the first time in a couple of years . . . Did I mention that I have to move one daughter to Kansas City and one to San Diego . . . the first week in July?   I also want to get my Mom out to see the Grand Canyon this year so that about uses up my 5 weeks vacation . . . Well there's always 2009 I guess :-)